12/13/2012 – Che Grammara no longer exists.  He'll live on in our hearts but he has decided to move on with his life.  As some of you may know, Santa called El Tigre on Skype and told him to get out of the protest business.  Che was cool with defying the wishes of teachers but would you expect Che to stand up to Santa? That's just not going to happen.  You hack off Santa, you lose… any 5 year-old could tell you that.

We're leaving the content here and on the Paper Tigers, Unite! facebook page in case anthropologists, sociologists, or wanna-be revolutionaries care to study Che's past actions.

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The National Day of Protest was held
on October 26th, 2012 @ Noon (EST)

Watch a replay of the live coverage below:

What Are Our Demands?

[Ed: Taken from the transcript of the video shown to the right of this text.]

You may be asking, "What are your demands?" I will now tell you this information...

First, we want teachers to respect the rights of the people who choose to write poorly.

Second, we do not want our papers graded. Let us not forget that when you point a finger at someone else there are 3 hands pointing back at you.

Three, we want teachers to assign many fewer papers - but not none - because we like to complain about them to our families and friends.

Third, we want the Skittles candy when we go to class each day.

Four, we want writing papers to be optional when the topic is unfamiliar or when the student is “just not feeling it, dog.”

These are our demands and they are not negotiable! So, do not ask us for the compromise!


Who is Che Grammara?

Che Grammara was born in upstate New York in 1970, the progeny of two middle-class college professors.  When he misbehaved he was forced to write research papers.  Given an electric typewriter for his fifth birthday, he was diagnosed with carpal tunnel syndrome at the age of eight.  After graduating from college (BS in Poultry Science, 2.45 GPA) he banished himself to the jungles of Bolivia where he vowed the now-famous words, “As God is my witness, I shall never type again!  Now, who wants my Members Only jacket?!”

Upon the untimely death of his parents involving a tractor-trailer vehicle of a giant, multi-national paper corporation, El Tigre returned to the United States to settle their estate.  It was then that he learned of the internet and decided to use this new technology to start a resistance movement.

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Viva la Paper Tigers!

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